Flux frameworks: Marty.js => Redux or Alt?

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Back to the Future Screengrab

A few months back, I did some research into Flux frameworks for React.js, and I decided to try out Marty.js. I liked the documentation, the fact that it had some nice examples of how to build an Isomorphic/Universal app, and it had some opinions about how to hook in the asynchronous data fetching code. Compared to some of the other Flux frameworks, it was less biased towards ES6. I really like the new ES6 features, but there’s so much tooling involved.

So I added a Marty.js version to my todos-offline project on GitHub, which is a proving ground of sorts where I’ve conducted several experiments. I was able to successfully integrate PouchDB, and sync to CouchDB on Cloudant, as well as to the previous Backbone.js version.

But Marty.js is no longer the new hotness, there is a new JavaScript framework every 16 minutes, and James Hollingworth, the developer of Marty.js just announced that there will be no new major releases.

James recommends migrating to Alt, which was another alternative I looked at a few months back. Brian Leroux has been playing with it as well:

I just bumped into Brian at the Style and Class meetup here in Vancouver. He says he’s pretty happy with Alt and he’s been able to get it to do the hot reloading tricks.

James Hollingsworth also mentions that he’s been using Dan Abramov’s Redux, and that another Flux framework, flummox, had recently been abandoned in favour of it. I’d even seen it on Hacker News recently, so it seems to have a small amount of momentum. Confusingly, there is also a WordPress framework named Redux.

The docs for Redux have been recently improved, which is super important to me:


With all that, I decided to invest the time and watch Dan’s React Europe talk:

Wow! That’s got me excited. He’s doing live coding inside the app running his slides. Crazy. I love it!

So I think I’ll try out Redux first, and see how that goes. My feeling is that there’s a bit of a community around it that cares about hot reloading.

I’ll update my blog as I make progress.

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