Flux frameworks: Marty.js => Redux or Alt?

Back to the Future Screengrab

A few months back, I did some research into Flux frameworks for React.js, and I decided to try out Marty.js. I liked the documentation, the fact that it had some nice examples of how to build an Isomorphic/Universal app, and it had some opinions about how to hook in the asynchronous data fetching code. Compared to some of the other Flux frameworks, it was less biased towards ES6. I really like the new ES6 features, but there’s so much tooling involved.

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Rebooting my blog

On the dock in Lund, BC

I’ve had a vanity domain name for a long time. The whois record for jimpick.com says I registered my domain way back in May 1996.

Domains were pretty expensive back then – I think it was $75 US for 2 years. That was super expensive for me at the time. I had just turned 26, and I had just quit a steady job in a big IT department to start freelancing because I was so very excited about the Internet.

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